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    Finding the right CBD, and one that is trustworthy is hard. We make it easy.

    Relief Scout aims to be the leading source for connecting people who may find relief from CBD with the highest quality CBD products.



    The Relief Scout Story

    Relief Scout was born out of personal experience. When a family member was struggling with debilitating rheumatoid arthritis, CBD was a final attempt at finding relief after several medications had failed and brought on unwanted side effects. Gifted CBD salve and being a skeptic to natural remedies, it was an attempt that she quite honestly thought would end up unsuccessful. But that wasn’t the case. CBD was the only thing that allowed her to cook, play music, and care for her granddaughter without pain - thus opening our eyes to its incredible potential. We needed to share it with the world.

    But we are doing it differently. 

    Instead of investing in creating our own CBD products, we are investing our energy into finding the best products that exist in the market already. What makes Relief Scout different is our unbiased, unwavering commitment to finding the purest and highest quality CBD products, while also providing guidance on the best methods and amount to consume so consumers may find relief from various conditions.

    Whether you are struggling with sleepless nights, aching joints, or anxiety created from everyday stress, Relief Scout is committed to finding the best CBD products and providing you with the direction and confidence you need for relief.

    Relief Scout Navigator Tool


    The Relief Scout Navigator Tool is a proprietary technology that takes into consideration the majority of factors needed to make an informed decision on what CBD product will be best at providing specific relieving effects. The chemistry within each individual person, the complicated makeup of each CBD product, and the unique scenarios like medication interactions make identifying a safe product difficult. Navigator makes it easy by way of a 60 second assessment. 

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    Personal experience to career devotion, Kara and John have poured their heart and soul into Relief Scout mission so more people can feel relief from CBD.
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