Elixinol meets 5/5 Relief Scout Certification Badges


    Elixinol is led by Paul Benhaim, one of the foremost pioneers in the hemp industry by having involvement since 1993.  Through his experience and that of the professional team behind the Elixinol name, the brand prides itself in having some of the highest quality, consistent, organic hemp derived CBD products on the market. All hemp is locally sourced from farmers in Europe, the US, and Australia who share the same high quality control standards. In addition to high quality product, Elixinol devotes a great deal of energy into educating consumers and partners on the benefits of CBD to aid in driving progression in legislation.

    Environmental sustainability and giving back is a core value to the Elixinol brand. All business choices are made with human and environmental health and in mind, but they reinforce this by having direct partnerships with nonprofit organizations for which they donate 5% of all sales to. Relief Scout is proud to partner with an organization that runs its business operations so tightly, produces some of the best Hemp CBD products, and delivers on its corporate social responsibility.

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