CBD and Medication interactions

More than half of the US adult population regularly take prescription medication and more than 75% of Americans take at least one over-the-counter medication. CBD may interact with these drugs. If you're taking prescription or OTC drugs, it's important to identify potential interactions before taking CBD to avoid any unwanted effects.

There are several factors in play. Medication interactions needs to be discussed with your doctor before consuming CBD. A good question to ask you doctor is if the medication you are taking is metabolized by the CYP P450 enzyme in the body. 

It's better to assess a CBD and pharmaceutical drug interaction with your doctor than to guess. 

CYP450 infographic

The primary enzyme that CBD and many drugs interact with is the CYP p450 enzyme. If we are able to identify that both CBD and a drug interact with this enzyme, doctors will then be able to more easily identify the type of effect they will have on one another. 

Pharmaceutical drug and cannabinoid interactions


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