Where Does the Best CBD Come From? (Part 2)

    by John Reid / March 19, 2019

    Part 1 of this 2 part series covers where the best hemp comes from, how organic CBD is grows from the ground and the best environments for hemp seeds to becomes a budding hemp stalk.   

    In Part 2, we look at what happens once CBD is plucked from the hemp plant.

    When CBD is extracted, health and safety are the top concern for extractors and consumers alike. What is critical is that CBD, terpenes, trichomes, and flavonoids remain intact.


    Turning CBD into CBD oil

    Once CBD buds are plucked from the plant, they are ground up and then extracted into CBD oil. CBD extraction is a complicated and long process, and there is more than one way to extract CBD. After a few hours, the end product is a highly potent and therapeutic CBD oil is pulled out.

    We have rounded up the pros and cons of the four primary extraction methods:

    1. Liquid Solvents: Ethanol, butane, and alcohol: This process uses a liquid solvent to extract CBD full-spectrum, but has a lower than average CBD yield and bitter taste.
      • Pros: Less expensive, simple, good for certain products such as vape oil
      • Cons: Dangerous process, destroys plant waxes that have benefits, gives CBD a bitter taste
    2. Olive oil: Most common for home extraction. Delivers low yields and creates a perishable product.
      • Pros: Safe, inexpensive, and simple
      • Cons: Perishable, oil stays with CBD and must be kept in a cool dark place. Delivers low yields, meaning it requires higher content of CBD for benefits
    3. Vapor Distilled: The newest method on the block brought to you by National Extraction Systems. Flash activated allowing for quicker production and does not use foreign solvent.
      • Pros: Stronger effects, terpene rich, pure, faster than other methods
      • Cons: Very expensive, hard to find, proprietary to NES
    4. C02: Most commonly used method today. Creates a high cost for consumers because of the high quality product produced in this method.
      • Pros: Safe, effective, free of bitter tasting chlorophyll, CBD cannabinoid and terpene profile are left intact, oil can be purified and modified for particular benefits and potency
      • Cons: Expensive and complicated, involving in-depth knowledge for best results

    Once the CBD is extracted, the contents and potency of each batch are then tested for consistency before being bottled and put on shelves. As we know, the DEA regulates the cannabis plant, but once the extraction process begins, the FDA oversees regulation of safety including Good Manufacturing Principles and standards for testing. The FDA is also in charge of approving CBD for interstate commerce as a dietary supplement to ensure the contents inside match the listed ingredients.

    CBD does not yet have intense oversight, so as a consumer, it's your responsibility to ensure that the CBD put in your body is both safe and effective. Relief Scout helps make this easy by utilizing our 5-step vetting process to ensure all CBD oil found in the Relief Scout store is safe and effective from seed to sale.

    Once the product arrives in a package, there are lots of options with pros and cons to weigh regarding flavor, price, onset, duration, and application.


    To save you time from combing through confusing lab reports and information about the safety of a CBD product, you can rest easy with Relief Scout's 60 second questionnaire that recommends a safe and good fit product at a low starting dose to most effectively find the right dosage for your individual needs.

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    John Reid

    John Reid

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