How Should I Take CBD Oil and what are the options?

    by John Reid / December 19, 2018

    With so many methods to take CBD oil, you could develop anxiety weighing all the options. Quite a paradox if you were seeking CBD oil for anxiety in the first place.

    Don’t fret. To simplify the research process, here  is a handy infographic and further detail on the pros and cons of 5 most common methods to consume CBD.

    Methods of Taking CBD Infographic

    CBD Oil Tinctures: Long lasting relief with an economical price tag

    The CBD oil is extracted, usually with C02, and is bottled in its rawest form. The CBD oil is administered via a dropper bottle commonly referred to as a tincture. The tincture is placed under the tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowed. This allows for easy to measure dosages that flow into the bloodstream to find CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors feed the endocannabinoid system that allow CBD to take effect. Because of the measuring stick on the bottle, CBD oil tinctures are the ideal way to discover your “sweet spot” for optimal dosage. With long lasting efficacy and strong bang for your buck, this is the ideal method for the CBD connoisseur.


    • Easy to measure dosage

    • Easy to mix with food or drink

    • Solid bang for your buck


    • Taste can be quite "earthy" and is too strong for some

    • Not the best for travel due to liquid cap requirements

    CBD Capsules and CBD Softgels: Measured dosage, effective relief, and easy to transport

    CBD capsules provide gradual relief in an easy to measure dose. CBD has the greatest impact on CB2 receptors, mainly found in the stomach, and a case can be made that CBD capsules are the most exact and convenient way to take CBD oil. Perfect for domestic travel in the US – not only does Relief Scout CBD have a legal amount of THC (<.3%) to ship to all 50 states, it’s easy to pack capsules in your travel bag . With capsules and softgels, you know exactly how much you’re getting. What’s the difference? Not a lot. The shape of both are the nearly identical, but the capsules typically have a dry, powder-like filling, and the softgels, a liquid oil-based filling. The texture of the capsules is more like a pill and softgels are, well, softer. Both break down easily in the stomach and are a further alternative to pharmaceutical products. Capsules and softgels are for the Relief Scouter who doesn’t like to waste CBD, is looking for an alternative to vitamins or ibuprofen, and knows exactly how much they need to experience relief.


    • Dosage is measured for you

    • Easy to travel with

    • Solid bang for your buck


    • Hard to change dosage in small increments

    • Difficult to mix in with food or drink

    CBD Edibles and CBD Gummies: Approachable for first time CBD consumers, but not cheap

    Edibles provide delicious relief in small doses. The most popular amongst CBD edibles are CBD gummy bears. Gummy bears are easily the most adorable way to consume CBD, but these bears are not not to be mistaken with the dancing bears, manA dose of these CBD gummies, just like all CBD products Relief Scout sells, contain less than .3% THC and will not get you “high”. CBD simply helps with homeostasis - what helps people to optimize their bodily functions

    Gummies are a favorite amongst first time CBD consumers likely because they taste like candy and look more approachable than other methods of consumption. While gummies might be the most cute and lovable way to find relief, they are not cheap. You are basically paying for CBD oil in addition to the cost of making the edible, and if you take CBD on a regular basis that can add up quickly. Often times, edibles come in small doses as a way  to make the product more affordable and to appeal to new consumers. Definitely not the best bang for your buck but certainly delicious. Everybody is different and if you’re looking for an easy entry point, CBD edibles are for you.


    • Measured dosage

    • Delicious

    • Gummy bear nostalgia, anyone?


    • Can be expensive

    • Often not a good long term solution

    CBD Salve (Topicals): Perfect for localized relief, lower dollar to dosage rating

    If you’re looking for localized relief applied to the skin then topicals, often called salve or balm, is right for you. These can be applied externally right to the area relief is needed most. Topicals come in the form of salve, lotion, shampoos, creams, and many other similar but different product types. Similar to edibles, you are paying for the foundation of the product - usually a cream or a lotion - and then the cost of the CBD is added on. If you’re not suffering from a specific joint ache or pain from inflammation, then other forms of CBD could be a better fit. CBD regulates inflammation through the entire immune system and not just on a specific spot. So, salves are a great product to add to your routine of using creams and lotion, but Relief Scout recommends swallowing CBD so that more CBD can attach to the endocannabinoid system via the stomach. Current research leans towards this being the most effective way to consume CBD.


    • Easy to add to routine of applying daily creams and lotions

    • Great for localized relief


    • Can be expensive

    • Not the most effective overall application of CBD

    CBD Vape: Fast acting relief that won’t hit your wallet too hard, but not the most effective method

    Vapes are for immediate and fast acting relief, but that also wear off the fastest. When vaporized and inhaled, CBD will enter the bloodstream more rapidly by circumventing the liver and digestive tract. It is the fastest way to absorb CBD but the hardest to measure dosage. What we also know is that CBD looks for CB2 receptors, which are mainly in the stomach. That means, you may feel faster relief from vaping, but you may be burning off more CBD than if you swallow CBD and wait longer for results. Vaping, much like cannabis, has limited research in terms of effect. In other words, we don’t know what the long-term effects are of vaping are on the lungs, but we do know it is safer than smoking CBD flowers. Relief Scout will be keeping a close eye on this research to align with our mission to provide safe and effective products for Relief Scouters - that’s you!


    • Quick, fast acting relief when vaporized

    • Economical pricing for regular consumers


    • Not the most effective way to consume CBD for long term effect

    • Potential hazards of vaporizing are largely unknown at this time

    Still not sure what method is best for you?

    No big deal. Filter your options in the Relief Scout store to get a better sense about what’s available. You’ve got this!

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