How Much Should I Spend on CBD?

    by John Reid / February 2, 2019

    One question that arrives when considering the purchase of CBD oil is how much to spend on CBD. Getting the best price for CBD can be dizzying considering the various ways to take CBD oil.

    Get the Best Bang for your Buck

    ***Spoiler Alert***

    If you want to save yourself a minute, you can head over to the Relief Scout questionnaire to create a profile that recommends the best fit, longest lasting, and least expensive product that fits your personal needs.

    Find a Quality CBD Oil

    Before deciding what CBD oil product is right, the CBD product needs to be checked for quality and consistency, Relief Scout performs this check through a 5-step process to ensure:

    • Full-spectrum CBD oil extract for maximum effect
    • No GMOs or excessive contaminants in the hemp used for extraction
    • The manufacture follows current Good Manufacturing Practices
    • A 3rd party has tested the CBD from seed to sale to verify safety
    • The organization itself is improving the quality of CBD and society at large

    Find a Good Manufacturer

    Relief Scout currently works with only the most trusted manufacturers in CBD oil in the United States vetted for quality and consistency:

    • Bluebird Botanicals
    • PlusCBD
    • Elixinol
    • Plus CBD Oil (+CBDoil)
    • Hemplucid
    • Lazarus Naturals
    • Plus more!

    Find the Right Product for Your Budget

    Considering that Epidiolex will cost an estimated $32,500 per year, on average. It’s no surprise the price of CBD is weighing on customers minds no matter how big or small the wallet share.

    What is Dollars to Dosage?

    Once you know CBD is high quality and safe from a trusted manufacturer that’s when price comparison comes into play. One effective measure to ensure you’re getting the right bang for your buck is dollars to dosage. Relief Scout calculates this for you in order to measure the total dosage cost of each CBD product – down to the milligram!

    Why Does Dollar to Dosage Change Across Product Types?


    The more flavor additives, the more expensive CBD becomes. For example, when you purchase that cute gummy bear, you purchasing that gummy on top of the cost of CBD. While gummies may provide a friendly entry into CBD, it may not be as sustainable for your wallet compared to less expensive product types like capsules or tinctures.

    Briefly, let’s describe how the cost of each dosage increases starting with capsules and ending with edibles.

    • Capsules (Pills) are consumed orally and the per pill dose is clear on the label and often tasteless.
    • Tinctures are placed under the tongue via dropper. The taste of hemp alone can be harsh and the added cost to cover the flavor makes this product slightly more expensive.
    • Vape is inhaled through a vaporizer and is the fastest acting relief, but the formula required to safely inhale CBD products adds cost.
    • Edibles are food combined with CBD oil and you’re paying for both.
    • Salve is a topical rub or balm that requires a lot of CBD to make them effective.


    What Product is Best for You?

    To account for all of this, fill out the Relief Scout questionnaire to create your own profile page that will give you 3 products types to fit your shopping preference.

    • Best Fit Product
      • Optimal fit for your needs from a trusted vendor based on weight and the severity of your symptoms.  
    • Longest Lasting
      • Typically, the highest dollar to dosage product of your preferred method.
    • Less Expensive
      • Perfect if you’re still a CBD skeptic not ready to spend a lot to discover the value of CBD.

    Even if You’re Still Not Sure, At Least You’re Not Billy MacFarland

    Instead of staying up all night wondering if you bought the right CBD product, save the buyer’s remorse for another day. Like that day you bought a Fyre Festival ticket on a whim…

    Let us do the work for you so you can rest easy. Head over to get your customized CBD solution now!

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    John Reid

    John Reid

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