CBD Oil Product Types Explained

    by John Reid / December 19, 2018

    With so many methods to take CBD oil, you could develop anxiety weighing all the options. Quite a paradox if you were seeking CBD oil for anxiety in the first place.

    To help you find the right CBD oil product, we'll weigh the pros and cons of the 5 most common methods Relief Scout customers consume CBD. 

    Methods of Taking CBD Infographic that explains the difference between the 5 most common methods to consume CBD by flavor, price, onset, duration, and micro-dosing

    CBD Tinctures

    • Quick onset and long-lasting CBD oil effects 

    • Place easy to measure dropper and squeeze out oil under the tongue

    • Tinctures flavors can be intense like a bold cup of coffee 

    • Add to food or smoothie for mellow flavor

    • Preferred by most Relief Scouters for price and easy to measure dosage

    CBD Capsules or CBD Softgels

    • Slow onset with long-lasting effects

    • Premeasured CBD dosage in easy to transport capsules

    • Take capsule(s) with any drink and swallow

    • Mellow flavor is preferred by consumers that find tincture flavor too intense

    • Capsules are not the best option for microdosing, try tincture instead

    • Preferred by athletes and travelers who put CBD in their bag on-the-go

    CBD Edibles or CBD Coconut Oil

    • Slower to take effect and long-lasting

    • Edibles are a more expensive method due to processing costs

    • Premeasured CBD dosage in a delicious snack

    • Typically a sweet flavor that contains sugar

    • Preferred by first time Relief Scouters for taste

    CBD Topicals, CBD Salves or CBD Lotions

    • A dime sized amount can be applied to the skin for fast relief

    • Easy to apply on a localized area for pain or discomfort

    • More expensive due to processing costs

    • Not edible and often preferred by athletes 

    • Not as effective as Tinctures, Capsules, and Edibles

    • Preferred by Relief Scouters who are active or recovering from pain

    CBD Vapes

    • Fast-acting, not long-lasting

    • Contains only generally recognized as safe (GRAS) ingredients

    • Inhalable vape oil is added to a vaporizer or vape pen

    • Not the healthiest method to consuming CBD

      • Try Tincture or Capsules instead?

    • Not the most effective way to consume CBD

    • Preferred by Relief Scouters trying to quit smoking nicotine products

    Still not sure what method is best for you?

    No problem. Relief Scout can help. 

    Filter the CBD products in the Relief Scout store. by the desired effect and product type. Relief Scout reviews brands so you know you're getting the highest quality products at the lowest prices, guaranteed.  

    Have the right method to take CBD in mind?

    Take our questionnaire and we’ll recommend the right product for you… faster than you can say, “What CBD is right for me?”*

    *Actual questionnaire takes 30 - 60 seconds, so try and say it pretty slow.

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    John Reid

    John Reid

    John has over 13 years of experience in finance and consulting. John has joined the industry-wide mission to educate and introduce people to the value of this often misunderstood component of the hemp plant. When not working with the Relief Scout vendors, you can find John and his wife enjoying the great outdoors and surfing in San Francisco. And if you ever want to talk music, John is all ears.


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