CBD Near Me - Five Considerations When Purchasing CBD in Stores

    by Kara Potter / April 12, 2019

    Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, many who would have never considered a hemp-based product are opening their eyes to the possibility of CBD oil’s healing benefits. And look how far we have come in four short months; two national chains, CVS and Walgreens have announced they will be clearing shelf space for CBD products in select stores. 

    Be Informed Before Purchasing CBD in Stores

    All we ask is that you are educated before walking into those stores with a plan to purchase CBD. Understanding what CBD is right for you by getting a customized product recommendation could prove meaningful if you’re unsure about what CBD is right for you. Remember, customer service reps at retail stores are still being trained in CBD, so we are happy to offer a CBD consultation before you make a decision.

    Here are 5 things to look for when scanning the aisles for your in-store CBD purchase:


    There are a handful of ways to take CBD and the symptoms you are looking to find relief from will have an impact on what method you should choose. We go deeper into the considerations for each method here, but at a high level here are some considerations:

    • Tinctures: Tinctures are great for managing internal symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, or simple general wellness. Because its taken sublingually and absorbed through membranes under the tongue that provide a more direct route to the bloodstream. The taste of a tincture product is tough to avoid so if sensitive or picky about taste, capsules may be a better option.
    • Capsules/softgels: Swallowables are great for managing internal symptoms like tincture, but without the taste. A primary difference is that it will take a bit longer to feel the effect of a CBD capsule because it is going through the digestive system instead of directly into the bloodstream.
    • Topicals: Lotion, salve, or balm are best for issues in which localized relief is needed such as aching joints, sore muscles or shooting nerve pain. Relief is felt quickly, but also has the risk of wearing off quickly if wiped off. Topicals tend to run more expensive because of the costly additives to the product that make it a lotion, balm or salve.
    • Edibles: Edibles are another great option when looking for relief from issues like anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, or general wellness, but the onset will be longer because the product will pass through the digestive system prior to reaching the bloodstream. This is a great option for someone looking to get lightly introduced to CBD, but do know that these products tend to be on the pricier side. It is likely that these products will not be available in stores until the FDA has completed the regulations associated with CBD and hemp.
    • Vapes: The primary value of vapes come from the speed in which you can feel relief. Vaping is a great option for someone who suffers from anxiety attacks or sudden onset symptoms. These products either come within a disposable vape pen, or in a bottle in which the oil is then put into a reusable vape pen.

    Third Party Tested

    It would be our assumption that any and all product being sold in national chains like Walgreens and CVS have been third party tested, but because regulation in the CBD space still isn’t solidified, it’s always a good idea to verify. That said - what should you look for during your investigative work?

    • Batch Number: Many CBD manufacturers put the lot number of the CBD that is within the product onto the side of the bottle. If you head to the manufacturer’s website and match up the lot number with the documentation on the website, you will get a full overview of the cannabinoid breakdown of the hemp within the product.
    • QR Code: QR Codes are another way in which you can access information on the CBD lot number by simply scanning the code on the side of the product and be taken directly to the relevant information on the manufacturer’s site.


    Dosage will vary based on the method you have chosen to consume, your weight, and the level of symptoms you are experiencing. Many products will have varied representation of the amount of CBD within the product you are purchasing: some highlighting how many milligrams of CBD are within each dose, and others highlighting how many milligrams of CBD are within the entire bottle of product. It’s important to ensure that you take this into consideration when thinking about how much CBD you will need and could potentially work up to. Having a bottle that will only last 3 days won’t do you very much good!

    Serving Size

    Serving size goes hand and hand with dosage. You might have to whip out your phone to do a little math and figure out how many milligrams of CBD are in each serving size if the bottle highlights how much CBD is in the product as a whole. It’s also important to consider that the serving size may be ½ of one item (½ gummy, ½ dropper of tincture). This will have a direct effect on how much you should consume so be sure you are taking this into consideration when identifying how long the product will last you.


    Typically you will find that the CBD products that have additional additives to the product will be more expensive. For example, the delicious sweetness within the gelatin that makes the gummy, or the soothing lavender balm within the CBD topical will cost you more money than CBD oil in its pure form within a tincture bottle or capsule.

    Now that you are armed with the five key things to consider when looking into product on store shelves, it will be interesting to watch how the industry evolves at making this information easily available, and easily understood for every consumer wandering the store aisles. In the meantime, you can be the expert with this handy article bookmarked.

    If interested in staying at home in your underwear (we respect that) you can get your customized CBD recommendation at Relief Scout from the comfort of your own home. Plus, we deliver!


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    Kara Potter

    Kara Potter

    Kara has over 8 years in the corporate world and has shifted her focus to raising awareness of CBD after observing a family member find exceptional relief from it. She enjoys spending time with her two daughters, two dogs, and husband when not advocating for the incredible power of CBD.


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