The ABC's of CBD

    by John Reid / November 27, 2018

    It seems the evolution of cannabis and its legality has been put into overdrive over the last couple years. With the first CBD prescription drug passing the FDA’s protocol, minds and opinions on the value of hemp, and its sister plant marijuana, have been shifting. Read on for a brief history lesson and educational overview on where things stand with CBD today.

    A is for….Alternative

    Recent studies are buzzing about cannabidiol (CBD) as a natural alternative to prescription drugs to relieve pain, anxiety, and other chronic ailments. The hoopla is all about the discovery that a signaling system exists in the body designed to receive cannabis called the Endogenous Cannabinoid System, also known as the Endocannabinoid System or the ECS. There are two receptors in this system:

    • CB1 receptors: Found primarily in the brain, they are responsible for controlling perception and memory. For example, the euphoric effects of THC that shifts perception in the brain.

    • CB2 receptors: CBD interacts more with CB2 receptors that are more abundant in the stomach and peripheral organs where they regulate symptoms of anxiety, nausea, inflammation, and even control immunity.

    Relief Scout’s mission is to partner with cultivators who ensure safe products and educate customers seeking to learn more about the health and wellness benefits of CBD.  

    BC... is for BC

    2737 BC to be exact. This was the first known use of cannabis as therapeutic medicine in the eastern world. The western world adopted medical cannabis practices as recently as the 19th century, but he honeymoon didn’t last long. In the 20th century, industrial hemp got some bad press from companies in competing timber industries, pharmaceutical companies, and propaganda like reefer madness.  The negative rhetoric surrounding cannabis has only become louder in the last century.

    C… is for Cannabis

    In 1970, Nixon’s war on drugs declared cannabis as “public enemy number one” in the fight against drug abuse. Despite the negative declaration, the compounds found in cannabis, namely THC and CBD, have many medical benefits. Regardless, propaganda won out and cannabis was moved to a schedule I drug where it was declared to have little medicinal use and consequently limited the ability to test its potential medical benefits.

    But the times they are changin’ and the 2014 Farm Bill cracked open the door for CBD to be sold because it qualifies as industrial hemp by the USDA and DEA when there is less than .3% THC present. According to Hemp Supporter, The 2018 Farm Bill was supposed to swing open the door for CBD sales, but looks like it will be pushed to 2019 after being held up in the lame-duck session. Lame ducks - that's about right. But progress is still being made. The DEA moved the marijuana derived drug, Epidiolex to from schedule I to schedule V allowing CBD to be researched for the first time in decades, and his research leads us to today where the halls of Washington and public opinion will decide its fate. That is, once the DEA and FDA can get on the same page about CBD.

    B is for Benefits

    The rhetoric surrounding cannabis is only recently subsided from a previous fever pitch as natural medicine, and is slowly being revisited by a new generation of farmers and medical professionals. Some believe CBD is a healthy alternative to prescription drugs and everyone agrees that hemp is a productive crop for farmers and the economy. Unfortunately, because Cannabis has been the enemy for so long, and the legality surrounding the plant has been quite restrictive, little research has been done. Lead research is showing positive results that CBD has medicinal benefits and is safe, however, the lack of breadth and depth in that research makes the benefits unproven to some professionals and consumers. In fact, it almost seems for every article that champions CBD, the next says it’s no more than a placebo. Sometimes the contradictory statements fall within the same website (thanks, WebMD...)

    D is for Decisions 

    Decide for yourself. CBD is not a miracle drug nor is it a placebo. It’s something in between and the jury is out on what exactly that is. Think of CBD as a way to explore your inner cosmonaut. Just the way astronauts explore space, CBD helps you explore the mind’s connection with the body. Personally, CBD enhances my balanced routine of exercise, healthy eating, sleep, and reflection. I take CBD for my general social anxiety. CBD helps me take a deep breath to feel my feet on the ground under me. In general, it takes the edge off but doesn’t take it away altogether. I feel stress, I’m just less worried when it arrives. Do your research and make an educated decision for yourself. Relief Scout is here to guide you along your journey to relief.

    The future looks bright for CBD, but the number one thing consumers can do is educate themselves on the true health benefits of this incredible compound. Look at the facts and try to avoid being influenced by the inaccurate perception that cannabis has little benefit to ourselves and society. 

    Relief Scout is dedicated to providing as much research as we can. Have a question or want to see something you don’t? Submit your question here. We like to have fun and love new ideas!

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